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In front of the mirror,
I work with the wooden mannequin on which I directly sculpt the dress form by the fabric.
The dress has 360 degrees awareness

( Fukuko Ando )
Fukuko Ando / Paris 2004

My favorite sentence

What I made was harmony :

An ensemble of shapes and colors that would never change or age.
It’s not just for a month or a year, but forever.

( Madeleine Vionnet )


Mandala Lotus

I am working on a new series of dresses inspired by the Mandala Lotus flower

“Blessings of the Lotus Flower“

When I was little, I read the story of Chūjō-hime (747–775). And I was very impressed.I always remembered that I longed for the process that the lotus thread was pulled out, and when it touched flowers of various colors, the thread was dyed like a dream and the mandala was completed.

( Fukuko Ando )

My Creation process

“The Dress as Sculpture“

In my work, a piece of fabric is transformed into a dress through an intense and unbroken engagement with each wave of change in the fabric’s own swell and movement.

The starting point is a flat piece of fabric. Sewing a raised broderie into this flat surface introduces a new three-dimensional note, creating waves of movement and new shapes and swell as the fabric responds.

I make a single cut into the new swell in the fabric. The fabric responds again and

I follow the fabric’s waves of movement intuitively. From action to response, the story of this dress is being written, moment to moment, as each change and response happens.

( Fukuko Ando )