Amaterasu is a deity of the Japanese myth cycle and also a major deity of the Shinto religion. She is seen as the goddess of the sun and the universe. ‘

‘If you can feel your inner dance, then you already found me … Amaterasu.”

( Fukuko Ando )

Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo
Largo das Portas do Sol, 2
1100-411 Lisboa

YEAR 2015


Performance: “AMATERASU”
Original idea: Fukuko Ando
Music and Live Act: Jorge Govea
Butoh Dancer: Solène De Cock

Production: Juan 2Santos
Hair: Aurelio Ramos (Using Sachajuan)
Hair assistants: Sara Carvalho and Marcio Neris
Make-up: Cristina Neto 

Special thanks:

Conceição Amaral / President Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva
Ana Sim-Sim
Pedro Reis Gomes / Stage Set Up
Filipa Coelho
Arts and Crafts Workshops – Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva Foundation
Maria Marques and Camila Ferraro 
Nuno Neves / Other Features Unipessoal Lda
Mariana Correia and Ana Pires.

Amaterasu Soundtrack



By Fukuko Ando

In front of the mirror, I work with the wooden mannequin on which I directly sculpt the dress form by the fabric. The dress has 360 degrees awareness.

Ando’s work is based on a simple proposition : ” Each person has a body.
The body expresses a person’s story and history, the dress is a language the expresses that body , the human body and the dress are both founded on the same principle: constant, unbroken perception “

Fukuko Ando