I was inspired by “The Pleiadian Agenda”, by Barbara Hand Clow

This book inspired me to create a “Cellular memory of the Universe”

( Fukuko Ando )

Pleiades – Eternal joy

In ‘The Pleiadian Agenda’, Barbara Hand Clow writes:

‘What is a cosmology?

According to Earth astronomers, a cosmology studies the nature of the origin, structure, and spacetime relationships of the universe.

Well, we Pleiadians will go much further. To us, a cosmology is a story of existence in time that awakens your cellular memory.

What is cellular memory? Cellular memory is the memory of all that has ever occurred in the universe that is encoded right in the cells in your body.

You already know about this New Cosmology for the Age of Light, and all you need now in to hear the story told again.’

The cluster of stars known as the Pleiades is also known as the Seven Sisters:


Photos: Luigi Migani

Year / 2005

The intention I infuse into this work is that the Pleiades Seven Sisters should give rise to a spontaneous and joyous burst of laughter in anyone who sees them, that we hear the music of the spheres through them, that we join in their dance of joy, that with them, we dance the Universe.

” The universe dances to Eternal Joy.

The Pleiades Seven Sisters dance to Eternal Joy.

We all dance to Eternal Joy. “

( Fukuko Ando )

My Pleiades Seven Sisters creation ( 2005 ) was exhibited in Tokyo , Paris and Lisbon on 20 February 2020 more info here. I saw that work as a seed, flowering now: Pleiades on Earth.

My Pleiades Seven Sisters creation (2005) Paris