Fukuko Ando

FUKUKO ANDO / Photo By Luigi Migani 2007

Born 18 January 1964, Japan.
Japanese designer Fukuko Ando has a very personal vision of the creative art of dress design.

Her unique creative process and style developed over time in France, going beyond the boundaries of conventional fashion. The dresses she creates express different aspects of spirituality and consciousness in our times. She explores the inner nature of the dress at its very core and looks at the existential universality of the dress.

She honed her technical skills in Paris, working for Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix, before launching her own collection. Her creations are the result of her own long and demanding process, in which her handiwork transforms ordinary fabrics and materials. Her dresses reflect a deeply spiritual vision of her own life. All her creations are made directly on wooden mannequins, facing each other in front of a mirror. The mannequin is rotated 360 degrees in front of the mirror, allowing the viewer to see the balance of the entire work from a distance while working with her hands at close range during the creative process. The mirror allows for macro and micro work.

Consciously excluding traditional fashion patterns and procedures, Ando creates the dress first and foremost in respect of and in accordance with the natural shape of the human body. She sublimates both classical creative techniques and the natural shapes and movements of the human body, skilfully blending them together.

Ando’s work is based on a simple proposition:

” Each person has a body.

The body expresses a person’s story and history.

The dress is a language the expresses that body.

The human body and the dress are both founded on the same principle:

constant, unbroken perception

Fukuko Ando

Ando’s creations show us an imprint of the past and our history, and transcending what we know as fashion, they reveal a multi-facetted vision of future possibilities.

My first creation:

Victory of Samothrace

MOUNT FUJI international competition
First prize – Japan 1992
Fusion of Japan and Art Nouveau in Paris

Made of rayon silk , technique : Knots

2020Exhibition<Weaving the Cosmos>Lisbonne, Portugal
2017Returned to Japan
2015Exhibition <Fukuko Ando>Lisbonne, Portugal
Performance <AMATERASU >
2014ASVOFF FestivalMexico, Mexique
Installation < The New Archery >
Performance <Celebration>12 dancers
2007Window Display <NewÉden>
Swarovski Crystal Dress Hotel Le FaubourgParis, France
Exposition <The Hundred Pleat Skirt>Chine
2006Defile & Performance <The Golden Promise> National Art SchoolParis, France
Paris Fashion Week, a fashion show with 15 dancers from Paris OperaParis, France
Exposition<Pleiades> Hotel Pershing HallParis, France
2005Exhibition<Pleiades> Gallery Art-U roomTokyo, Japan
Exposition<Unique Piece> Gallery IBUParis, France
Lecture Tokyo Osaka Nagoya Mode GakuenJapan
Exhibition<Vision of The Body> National Museum of Contemporary ArtSéoul, South Korea
2004Defile & Performance< Light way> talk
Invitation to Monterey Design WeekMonterey, Mexique
Defile & Performance< Light way> Paris BiennaleParis, France
Camera Nazionale della moda ItalianaMilan, Italie
Wind Display<Unique Piece> Hotel Le FaubourgParis, France
Installation<Unique Piece> Hotel LitzParis, France
2003Exhibition Gallery SimoneParis, France
2000Exhibition <Sayoko>, dress PHENIX Kobe Fashion MuseumKobe, Japan
1999-2002Christian Lacroix in the Haute Couture Collection
Collaboration ParisParis, France
1999Exhibition<Vision of The Body> National Museum of Modern Art,Kyoto, Japan
1996Fashion Show<Unique Piece> Espace PlanèteParis, France
1995Couturier Freelance since 1995Paris, France
1993-1994Half year training at Christian DiorParis, France
Haute Couture AtelierParis, France
1991After working as a designer in Tokyo, he moved to France in
Certificate – Diplorme
1993L’école Chambre Syndical de la Couture Parisienne
Transferred to 2nd grade, 2 years of study Paris
1988Graduated from Nagoya Mode Gakuen Fashion Design Department night club
1986Graduated from the National Literature Department of Kinjo Gakuin University
Contest – CompetitionContest – competition
1992International Freshman Creator Selected for 10 France National Team Paris, France
1992Mt Fuji International Fashion Design Contest Gold Prize KANSAI Award
1990SEED Fashon Contest
1989Fashionable Communications Grand Prize, Gold Prize, Fur Division (SAGAFAR Co-sponsor)
19883rd place in the 1988 Columbus Costume Contest
1987Night clothes contest participation
1986Nagoya Mode Gakuen Kitchenware 3rd place
3rd place in 1986 Five T-shirt Contest