The celebration of dance for the unification of the universe.

Let’s celebrate that we are, light and love …

Let’s celebrate the eternal dance of life

Fukuko Ando

Credits :

( Video Dance Performance )

ASVOFF 2014 / Mexico City edition

Concept and original idea
Fukuko Ando

Visual Direction and Music selection
Jorge Govea

Marisol Cal y Mayor / Altagracia Company

Production of video projection
Héctor Cruz
Fukuko Ando


Dalel Bacre
Marisol Cal y Mayor
Julia Farber
Stephanie Janaina
Aileen Kent
Mary Patricia Koyack
Priscila Solórzano

Special thanks to:

Luisa Saenz
Swarovski / Cut Glass


“Las Estrellas de Los Cielos”
Díaspora Sefardí / Jordi Savall, Hespèrion XXI

“Danse De l’Âme”
Orient-Occident / Jordi Savall, Hespèrion XXI

“Trad Kathisme De L’Office De La Nativité – Li-Mâdhâ Ta’Jabina Yâ Mariamu
Marie Keyrouz

Music Arrangements / Jorge Govea / Saint-Maurice Studio / Paris France

By Fukuko Ando

In front of the mirror, I work with the wooden mannequin on which I directly sculpt the dress form by the fabric. The dress has 360 degrees awareness.

Ando’s work is based on a simple proposition : ” Each person has a body.
The body expresses a person’s story and history, the dress is a language the expresses that body , the human body and the dress are both founded on the same principle: constant, unbroken perception “

Fukuko Ando