Ionic columns in Pershing Hall – Paris reminded me of a Greek temple

Like the future stars of the Pleiades, growing like new plants from the earth, swaying in the wind of ancient mythology

( Fukuko Ando )

Pleiades Pershing Hall

Champs Elysées – Paris

Fukuko Ando
Year: 2006

Juan 2Santos / Artistic Direction
Luigi Migani / Dolls Photos
Michael Wayne Plant / Exposition Photos
Jorge Govea / Sound Design
Fxballéry / Scenography
Naomi Lebbadi / Photo And Design
Kiki de Salvertes / ℅ Totem Contact Press

Special Thanks to:

Swarowsky / “Satya” Crystal Decoration Dress
Anne Brancaleone
Corinne Martinez
Philippe Saugier
Carole Belenus
Philippe Test
Muriel Elinger
Irène Tsuji
Katrin Hanneschläer

Michael Wayne Plant

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