Le Masque de Nô

Nô mask has been neglected for a long time.

In the sculpture garden of Yasuo Mizui in Lacoste, France, a dancer wearing the kimono of his first wife, Kiyoko, and wearing Nô mask that Yasuo had preserved.

In a forgotten garden, Nô mask sometimes cries, laughs, and gets angry.

The fantasy memory begins to move with sculptures, Nô mask, and kimono.

( Fukuko Ando )

Franco -Japanese Collaboration


Year / 2016


By Fukuko Ando

In front of the mirror, I work with the wooden mannequin on which I directly sculpt the dress form by the fabric. The dress has 360 degrees awareness.

Ando’s work is based on a simple proposition : ” Each person has a body.
The body expresses a person’s story and history, the dress is a language the expresses that body , the human body and the dress are both founded on the same principle: constant, unbroken perception “

Fukuko Ando