Sayoko Kobe Fashion Museum

Its theme is Sayoko Yamaguchi, who was praised as a dramatic emergence of ” Beauty” for her beautiful yet powerful and supple expression of movement when she appeared as a model at the first Paris prêt-à-porter collection in 1972. Her life-sized mannequins with movable joints wear dresses, synchronize with dresses, and breathe with dresses in a moving space as time slowly goes by.

Kobe Japon – 2001

Fukuko Ando


( Fukuko Ando )

In the 21st century
What can you share?
Everything has come to end and has been reborn.
I can say with much gratitude and happiness.
Only who you are in true.
A Phenix,
I would like to see you reborn.
An open heart, a released body, a freely flying phenix.
New love is growing in you
With deeper understanding and stronger senses.
You accept everything with a smile on your face.
21st century,
I am happy it we can share a much deeper and broader love.

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