Fashion is experiencing a period of transformation, and at this time of change I wish to seek out what new reason there may be for the existence of the Dress. I CREATE DRESSES FOLLOWING MY OWN WAY. The technical aspects of my own way of creating a Dress developed as I worked over the course of a year. I always respect the fabric; the fabric is living. I never oppose it. I always obey the fabric’s own fall and line.

As a result, the Dress I create follows the form of the human body. The fabric is folded, twisted, stretched: a Dress is completed. It takes life through the human body. The Dress is not inert. It is alive.

Every living thing evolves, just as a human being does. Fashion has left childhood and adolescence behind, and stands at a threshold: it must move on towards maturity. The time has come to change the reason behind the existence of the Dress. I feel the new Dress will be the Dress of maturity. A new Dress will be born out of maturity. It will encompass the whole process of the history of Fashion. This is what I wish to explore and experience by following my own way when I create a Dress. BEGINNING / ENDING I have looked back to the origins of the Dress. The Dress that I am exhibiting now expresses my research into the evolution of Fashion from its beginnings. I hope on another occasion in the future to present the conclusions to which my research leads me. Thank you. PARIS, March 1994 Fukuko Ando

In 1994, I felt that the Dress I would create for the future would be a new step in the evolution of Fashion. Now in 2014, I feel that my Dress is actually a step beyond Fashion itself. My own way of creating a Dress has led me to this conclusion.