Crochet and Spangle


Exhibition: Sayoko kobe fashion museum – Kobe Japon   

SAYOKO Texte Robe Phénix 2001

In the 21st century What can you share? Everything has come to end and has been reborn. Renaissance. I can say with much gratitude and happiness. Now, Only who you are in true. A Phenix, I would like to see you reborn. An open heart, a released body, a freely flying phoenix. Love, New love is growing in you With deeper understanding and stronger senses. You accept everything with a smile on your face. 21st century, I am happy if we can share a much deeper and broader love.

Made of silk, cotton, beads and sequins

Year / 2001

#crochet&spangle #phoenix

By Fukuko Ando

In front of the mirror, I work with the wooden mannequin on which I directly sculpt the dress form by the fabric. The dress has 360 degrees awareness.

Ando’s work is based on a simple proposition : ” Each person has a body.
The body expresses a person’s story and history, the dress is a language the expresses that body , the human body and the dress are both founded on the same principle: constant, unbroken perception “

Fukuko Ando