12-robes Le GRAAL Nouvelle Tri Unité

Le GRAAL 2 – nouvelle Tri-Unité –

Three Grail dresses are ONE

The quest for a sacred object as life’s goal, even risking one’s very life, demonstrates that one’s purpose may be more important than one’s own existence.

The Grail is a quest for the truth about Life

The Blood of the truth of our existence.
To create these dresses I had to experience the quest for the truth
between life and death.
It was a great transformation.

Sound is a particular type of vibration for the universe
to manifest itself through waves that can be captured by something or someone.

We now know that the entire universe vibrates:
matter, atoms, light, color . We can thus say that we are nothing but one sound , a vibration.”

“HEXAGON door invites you to the riddle of life.
You are even ENIGMA life.”

( Fukuko Ando )

“Life has always manifested in many ways the natural architecture that enable our entire reality .

Geometry is one of the ways that allows us to contemplate or to understand what is hidden to our eyes, as the riddle of life.

The hexagon could express all the basic energy structures of the universe known and unknown through his Sacred Geometry, as well as “The Platonic solids” contains this infinite and inexhaustible information available to us all .”

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Le GRAAL 2 -02
Le GRAAL 2 -03
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